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Harlow Cuadra Movies Sean Lockhart

02Oct/105:44 PM

Out Magazine does The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal

Blog Entry Dated Sep 5 2007. I read somewhere that Out Magazine pays its writers by the word. Well, the article by Michael Joseph Gross about The Bryan Kocis Murder ("The Murder That Rocked The Porn World") reads like it was written by someone who was being paid by the word. The only thing so far that I find of any interest at all about Gross' article is this photograph of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes as Gentlemen of the Manor, the photo is the gayest thing I've yet to see associated with Joe and Harlow.  Read More ...
13Sep/104:51 PM

The Cobra Video Sean Lockhart Settlement Agreement

Blog Entry Dated Aug 4 2007. The Mysterious Settlement Agreement based on a contract to perform sex acts for money for the production of adult content. No such contract has ever been found to be legal by any court in America. Read More ...
13Sep/104:39 PM

Sean Lockhart on Court TV

Blog Entry Dated: Jul 17 2007. Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes are facing a murder trial but, on, it's all aboutSean Lockhart. Read More ...