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Harlow Cuadra Movies Harlow Cuadra Arrest

13Sep/104:48 PM

Jason Ridge Advocates Fair Trial for Harlow Cuadra

Blog Entry Dated Jul 29 2007. Gay Adult Performer Jason Ridge comes under "fire" for advocating that Harlow Cuadra be assumed innocent. Read More ...
13Sep/104:42 PM

Rumors that Joseph Kerekes will Sing

Blog Entry Dated Jul 24 2007. Rumors are flying that Joseph Kerekes will turn "state's evidence" and testify against Harlow Cuadra. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:14 PM

Virginia Prepares to Extradite Harlow Cuadra to Luzerne County

One newspaper quotes the Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia as saying that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes have only four grounds for protesting extradition/rendition to Pennsylvania for Pennsylvania to conduct a criminal trial for Cuadra and Kerekes for the murder of Bryan Kocis. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:11 PM

Damon Kruezer Claims Interview with Harlow Cuadra

A Blogger using the moniker Damon Kruezer claims he interviewed Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes on 5/14/07. Kruezer has indicated that Cuadra and Kerekes could be heard discussing rumors about their pending arrests on the telephone connection they had with Kruezer for the interview. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:10 PM

Harlow Cuadra Legal Defense Fund Plea

Harlow Cuadra's Mother and Brother ask for donations to a Legal Defense Fund setup for Harlow. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:07 PM

The Public Service Execution of Bryan Kocis

Bryan Kocis operated a porn studio out of the basement of a house AFTER having been caught having sex with a 15 year old boy. Imagine what that A-Hole could have gone on to do. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:04 PM

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes Arrested

Harlow Cuadra and his partner Joseph Manuel Kerekes were arrested today in Virginia Beach. We suspected that SOMETHING had to happen BEFORE Harlow's Lawyer got the search warrant affidavits unsealed. Read More ...