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Harlow Cuadra Movies Luzerne County Scandal

13Sep/104:55 PM

Bryan Kocis' Basement Gay Porn Production Studio

Blog Entry Dated Aug 15 2007. The City of Miami moves to shut down an adult producer filming in a residential house. Bryan Kocis operated out of his based in Luzerne County. Read More ...
13Sep/104:51 PM

The Cobra Video Sean Lockhart Settlement Agreement

Blog Entry Dated Aug 4 2007. The Mysterious Settlement Agreement based on a contract to perform sex acts for money for the production of adult content. No such contract has ever been found to be legal by any court in America. Read More ...
13Sep/104:45 PM

Rumors of Federal Probe of Luzerne County

Blog Entry Dated Jul 27 2007. Rumors are that The Luzerne County Court System is being probed by the Feds. Read More ...
13Sep/1012:16 PM

Bryan Kocis Cobra Video and Adult Performer Contracts

A recurring issue in The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is that contracts to perform in adult movies have never been recognized as legal by any Court in the US. Read More ...
12Sep/107:06 PM

Luzerne County Pennsylvania Starts To Stink

Blog Entry Dated Mar 23 2007. Long before the big "Kids For Cash Scandal" was uncovered in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, the TIP OFF that "Something Was Rotten In Luzerne County PA" was the fact that Bryan Kocis, gay pornographer / child molester, was operating a gay porn production studio out of the basement of a house in a residential community. Read More ...